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Dear Organiser/Owner and/or Members of the Page and/or SERVICE this message (or its link) was posted to.

We would like to invite you to become a member of THIS/our Truth Finders website and help build it up, to support and assist even more people, collecting and referencing Truth Fighters and related INFORMATION regarding Health, Environment, Legal, Coaching and Training and link up with other people interested in this topic and exchange thoughts and Information, by posting it in the Categories (Groups), or in the Forum, to ask specific questions and discuss various topics, in a customisable multi-threaded FORUM.

We do under no circumstance want to 'poach' members of any (other) site, group or forum, but just give an additional TOOL to the Truth Finders, to get together and build up a unique Database and Cross-Reference Library in a Wiki-based website.

  • Wiki websites have various means of cataloguing and referencing information:
  1. Searching
  2. Listing & Sorting
  3. Tagging
  4. Map Overview (Parent & Child linking)
  5. Even the Discussion Forum can be searched !
  6. Site Members who WATCH individual pages or the complete site are informed by a short eMail of any page updates!

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Dear Members of the Page, Site and/or SERVICE this message (or its link) was posted to.

You are also invited, to join in and retrieve various information you might need and also to contribute with more interesting and relevant information to help others in need and educate other users of the INTERESTING and EXCITING WORLD around us !!

Our website (hopefully also your new home) is/was designed and built to easily access various stored information and to contribute and discuss topics in the built-in Forum.

Please make sure you post the questions and answers under the related Forum Threads, for others to find it where they expect the information to be.


Let's make this a world-wide effort, to drive this
Truth Finders Awareness forward
and make it an Educational Experience !!

Please NOTE: Sign-up Tips:

Please realize that like signing up to a group in Facebook, you would first have to register with Facebook itself. - Well, the same applies here.
Please first register with and then JOIN this website.
- You can do it all, together, RIGHT HERE !

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